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Converged Voice and Data

Integrated Voice and Data T-1 line

Comprised of 24 (64Kbps) channels, T1 lines can be used for multiple applications.

Commonly referred to as an integrated T1 or channelized T1, this highly flexible circuit¬ is designed for businesses that need to run multiple services over the same line. Common applications for integrated service include local phone service/dedicated long distance, VOIP SIP trunks and Internet or MPLS.

Integrated T-1's are very flexible. They are meant to fit a wide range of customer¬ needs. For example, a company that has 5 lines and needs dedicated bandwidth to the Internet can bundle in both over one T-1, or a company that has 12 PRI trunks and needs to connect multiple offices via MPLS could also use an Integrated T-1.

Integrated T-1 formula (can your company benefit from a integrated T-1)

T-1 = 24 channels (1540 KBPS)

  • 1 Phone line / Trunk /PRI Trunk (Channel) = 64 KBPS
  • 1 Data Channel = 64 KBPS

If you have a VOIP phone system you can take advantage of SIP VOIP trunks at the below protocols.

  • 1 SIP Trunk (G.723.1 Protocol) = 16kbps
  • 1 SIP Trunk (G.711 Protocol)= 64kbps + 6-21Kbps header
  • 1 SIP Trunk (G.729 Protocol) = 8Kbps + 10kbps for header

(Benefit) Saves money using two types of service. An Integrated T-1 is often cheaper then buying a full voice T-1 and a fraction Internet T-1 or DSL.